quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

Oh happy day...! branco sobre branco

Hoje, detalhes românticos, branco sobre branco em versão low budget, com muitos detalhes em papel e um vestido cremoso!
Casamento de Christina + John, via Once Wed:

E os detalhes em papel:

E outros...

"Three months before our wedding, we attended a New Years Eve party at an artist loft that three friends had recently started renting. It was a huge, but cozy, space with large skylights and a rooftop deck. At one point during the party, John turned to me and suggested that we have the wedding there. I looked around the room, imagined a bunch of paper lanterns and immediately agreed. Luckily, our friends agreed…

With a bit of ingenuity and footwork, a few stellar vendors, a lot help from our friends, and a handy Zipcar, we created the wedding of our dreams and our guests had an absolute blast, Brooklyn style"

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