terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Be still my heart...

"Origata is quite simply the art of gift wrapping. It dates back to the Muromachi period (1333-1573) a time where wrapping and the presentation of gifts was considered as important as giving the gift itself. What Yamaguchi has done is taken the often complicated folds used in this era and simplified them for modern day life.
The real beauty of Origata however, is in its folds and the meaning behind those folds. For example, a good luck fold is created by folding to the front and right of a package, creating a small opening to the left side. This is said to convey a feeling of overwhelming happiness. Then there is the fold of misfortune, where the fold is on the left side expressing the giver’s sympathy for the recipient. There are many different folds with many different meanings. I just love that the folds have their own silent language. It’s so beautiful."

Hoje, no Upon a Fold. Ainda não me refiz da comoção.

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brancoprata disse...

So FÃ do upon a fold!! São lindas as imagens e tudo aquilo que lá se vê e se aprende!!Papel & Arte ou será Papel É Arte?

Susana disse...

gosto tanto... ai ai