quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Oh happy day...! (uma edição muito especial...)

Jessica + Mike
"My dress was borrowed from a friend who was a stylist for many years, the coat was also borrowed from this friend, the gloves were vintage and a gift. My shoes are Dieppa Restrepo (lindos...!), unisex handmade shoes by two young Colombian/New Yorker designers. My bracelet is by Aesa (Randi Mates), a close friend and amazing jewelry designer, who also made us our rings. I bought the flowers for my bouquet at the flower market in Chelsea and two of my best friends put it together. The locations are my friend’s Randi and Gregory’s apartment in Brooklyn, City Hall and the Chelsea Hotel. Mike wore clothes found at various thrift stores, and Spanish handmade boots we’d bought this summer while in Andalucia.
The idea of putting our wedding together was very simple, we didn’t want something over constructed, I trusted us to make it beautiful on a limited budget and with less than a months notice. We are young and live in the city, I think you have to work with what you have. Having a great circle of creative, and generous friends is invaluable, our friends were astoundingly supportive and resourceful. Heather’s photographs are amazing, we’ve both been blown away by how well she captured not just the day but our combined aesthetic and made it feel effortless and candid."

Prova superada em grande estilo e a legenda é a exacta descrição do que vemos nas imagens...!
Via Ruffled.

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elisa arnaud disse...

uma grande "lição"... I wish some people understand this!

Susana disse...

changing the world, one step at the time :)

Brancoprata disse...

baby steps ;)

Susana disse...

heheeh, nem de propósito!